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I Top Site.

Web Design, Website Protection & Maintenance! SEO, Logo and Graphic Art design.

We strive for perfection, and we give long term customer satisfaction.

Contact us to get individual attention at low prices!

What or who is “i top site.com”?

Itopsite offers to you the below mentioned Website Design, Website Protection, graphic design and Freelancer related industry services and products.

**In addition: itopsite.com is offering personalized Classes and Training relating to Website Design, SEO, Graphic Design, Search Engine Marketing.

We also give English language training and training in other fields (like Human Rights related laws, Military Law, Business Law and Social Media Marketing).

These services and products are proudly given to you by us at the most competitive prices, and with the highest levels of professionalism, friendliness and flexibility:

  • Website Design and Building;
  • Optimized website hosting and 24/7 customer support. We have a consistent minimum website presence up-time on the internet of at least 99%. Our lightning fast web servers ensure fast loading times for your websites;
  • Website Protection Services: we have a 100% successful record in protection our clients’ websites from hacking and malware attacks;
  • Internet Marketing, SEM, PPC, CPC and Social Media Marketing specialists;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Web developer and website protection;
  • Logo Design;
  • E-commerce website design;
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for all our clients, on a continued monthly basis after website handover to the client;
  • Daily service and updating of any website that we had created for you;
  • FREE website migration to us and our servers;
  • FREE bilingual website functionality. The second website language is made in accordance with your choice.

Our Core Business.

The core business of itopsite.com is Website Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Website Protection services.

This core business is therefore closely linked to all of the above spheres of expertise.

You can rely on qualified and friendly workers, and you can be assured that our customer friendly fee structures gives you the best value for money deals.

If you are an independent professional worker, also known as a freelancer, you are welcome to approach us so that we can investigate whether or we want to include you in our panel of selected specialist workers.




Independently working specialists (also known as “freelancers”) frequently contact us in order to forge work and business alliances with us.

We especially welcome into our working family:

Freelance Web Designers, Freelance Web Masters and Freelance Web Developers;

Freelance computer programmers;

Freelance graphic designers;

Freelance artists;

Freelance logo makers;

Freelance SEO specialists;

Freelance writers;

Freelance marketing experts;

Freelance social network experts.


The above types of freelancers are always welcome to team up with us. Send your details to us, and we will list you in our database if we had decided to team up with you. If you can work, and work well, and if you are a stable person, we will use and develop your talents to our mutual benefit. It does not matter what is your past, as long as you intend to build a positive future.

You will get a Top site when you use us.

We always succeed in giving top service and products. Our protective hands will be at your disposal even after you received the completed website from us: we have specialized service package deals for our clients. These “service package” deals mean that we ensure that everything keeps on running smoothly with your web site. When updates or changes need to be made to the site that can not be made by yourself, we will do it for you without extra costs for you.

Because we understand our trade, we will help you also to profit from our skills and support structures.


We will give to you a constant 10% commission on the full gross value of any customer that you refer to us! For example: if a customer that you had referred to us pays us $1000-00, you will get 10% of this amount (meaning $100). And if the customer places us on a monthly retainer to protect and serve his website/s, you obviously will get 10% of this monthly income too.

You will get the best value for money deals when you use us.

We individualize your project, and we will give to you an all-inclusive quote for the work to be done before any work is started upon by us. You will be able to rest assured in the fact that you do not have to pay for any additional hours (over and above the hours that we had estimated the work will take to be completed) .


Exceptional partnerships and our rewards for business loyalty.

Itopsite is a division of Itoptrade, and we have the same partership, or affiliate program system as Itoptrade. This client and business partner loyalty reward system, gives to you the opportunity to make substantial amounts of passively generated income. You are rewarded based on a percentage of the net profit of each business relationship that you had helped to bring about (between Itopsite and the person or entity that you had referred to us). This remuneration (also called a commission sometimes in general parlance) you will get every month for as long as the business relationship stays in place or “alive”. Be so kind as to carefully read the details of the very profitable terms of business alliance which we offer to you on the “Frequently Asked Questions” section that you will find on the “Affiliates” page of this website .

Personal care for our clients and business partners.

The exceptional high level of personal customer care and personal guidance which we give to our clients and business partners is the key to our success, and one of the many reasons why why are unique. We treat you as a loyal partner would have treated you.

Our clients and affiliates are from all over the world.

Our trade partners and affiliates are from all over the world, but we focus our efforts on giving experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs the opportunities to partner with us on an individual basis.


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Please see the terms of our very profitable Affiliate program as they are listed in question and answer format on the Affiliates page.