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I had some time read your page on how to make a website, and your advices to not use free website templates. Your advices had prompted me to contact you for help, and here is a short recap of what had happened between us: Some years ago when I had started out on the internet I had high hopes to reach my goals in relation to monetizing the internet by using (what seemed to be) good “shortcuts”. One such shortcut related on making a website using a free open source template. I had poured months into developing the site, but simply could not scale the template to the needed levels. When I had approached your team at itopsite.com I was pretty much worn out. But you guys turned it all all around, and made a great website for me, of course not using any free template, but our own joint original looking site. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

– Jason Fetter, Melbourne, Australia.