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Freelance artist featured by us:

“Mighty Misha”.

We have the pleasure to feature the work of one of our trusted and talented caricature artists, “Mighty Misha”.


  • This Belorussian artist had gained a lot of recognition for his unique and memorable caricatures that frequently depict, with excellent humor and stylish simplicity, the life of people and animals in Eurasia.
  • He then applies these images to convey universally accepted truths, ideas and causes of issues through his unique caricature images.
  • He specializes in social media advertising.
  • Misha very effectively, and strikingly to the human memory, uses caricatures to market products, services or social service.
  • This artist can be contacted through us for any type of work orders or enquiries.

Here below we present just examples of his work (both in video and static image format) below for you to enjoy.

This talented freelance caricature artist had lived most of his life in the Siberian territory of the Russian Federation.

In the below Gallery of images you will see some of the images created by the “Mighty Misha”.

“Mighty Misha” creates original caricatures on order, and you can place an order for him to create for you your own unique caricature based social marketing campaigns, or caricatures created by him simply for your personal or family pleasure and use.

See some examples of his caricatures that had been brought alive by using video format in social media marketing and environmental protection campaigns, by clicking here!


Freelance in progress:

In the below Gallery of images you will see some of the images created by the “Mighty Misha”, illustrating the long and arduous process of manual image animation.

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Trader, Mighty Misha

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