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SEO and SEM are interrelated concepts, and in order to effectively befriend the search engines, you should read further below.

Professional and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), especially in local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus.

  • What is search engine marketing (SEM)? Briefly put, SEMis a type of Internet marketing strategy and set of principles whereby the interests of websites are promoted via paid advertising to the search engines, in return for which payment (from the “sponsor”, ie you as person desirous to market his business) the search engine will give prominence and preference to your website whenever searches for themes relating to your website are made by people by use the particular paid search engine. As a result of this paid advertising to this particular search engine, this paid search engine makes the sponsored website a “favorite” of this search engine, and this search engine attempts to increase the viewing frequency when such a website is seen by internet users. This the particular search engine does by presenting the said website as often as is possible in the search results given by the search engine to search engine users or “surfers” or searchers on the internet;

  • These search engine result pages (also called SERP or SERP’s) therefore entice the internet searchers to click on the presented website links after a search had been done in the particular search engine. These website links are called “sponsored” links since the owner of the link (read here “website owner” or you) had paid or sponsored the search engine to give the most coverage, prominence and market presence on the SERP’s of this very same website link;
  • To the eye and in the opinion of the internet user, the fact that the search result website links appear on the top of the search page results list, means that the link must be more relevant, and therefore more authoritative than other links;
  • These sponsored links are however not randomly placed on the top of all search engine result pages. They are only placed on the page in cases where the keywords, or essence of the searcher’s search, has some relevance to the keywords for which the SEM marketer (read here also sponsored link or website owner) had asked the search engines to focus on;
  • The aim of the most professional and best SEM is to get prominence on SERP’s that have real relevance to the business of the sponsor (ie you, as having paid for this increased internet prominence or visibility in the search results). Otherwise, the sponsor SEM will simply waste their money in that people may indeed click on the sponsored links, but when they see that the content of the website link is not at least remotely relevant to what they had searched for, these internet visitors will obviously simply leave the sponsored website as fast as is possible (but the sponsor will still be liable to pay for the fact that the search engine had sent that uninterested visitor to his website!);
  • In such a careless way one can easily lose tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars if one does not very diligently monitor the type of traffic that you get in response to your SEM campaign;
  • This campaign has the aim to make your website prominent or more visible in the yes of a selected audience of internet users (who are interested in a  specific topic or theme, which theme or topic represents you own interests), and to become the “favorite” website of the paid search engine as far as this specific topic or themes goes;
  • Even though there are real financial dangers in using SEM “blindly” and without having an experienced professional to help you with it, SEM is a very good short term way to get market focus on your new products or website in general. There will be a definite increase in internet traffic to o your website within the first day or so after you had launched your SEM campaign;
  • This increase in internet traffic is frequently a dramatically increase in visitor traffic to the website (of he paid advertiser or “sponsor”). This paid for advertising flow of traffic is a quick and fast way to get new traffic to one’s website, and is in stark contrast to the “organic” (or naturally generated) traffic that one can slowly start to expect to get over time if you do your medium tern to long term SEO well;
  • Conclusion: SEM, and elements of it like PPC (pay per click programs), therefore give you added internet traffic over and above the “naturally occurring” frequency of the search engine presenting your website to search engine users as having deserved “mere” organic merited visibility.

SEO optimization, Website protection and Website Maintenance are given on a continued daily basis to our clients.

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Trader, Professional and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), especially in local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus.

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