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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In short the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the set of website design norms that assist you to get your website ranked as high as is possible in the search engine results whenever a search is made that directly relate to your type of website.

  • This set of design norms have both complex and simple principles.
  • The mistake that many website owners make is that they think they understand what SEO is after they had seen a few videos on the topic on Youtube. Do not believe that you can do the same level of SEO work as a professional SEO expert; this misguided notion is mutatis mutandisthe same as if your were to watch Youtube videos on medical care, and then deem yourself to be a doctor.
  • For a good beginner’sguide on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can visit this website. The free literature is good enough to make you understand the very basics about SEO, and you will understand why our pricing structure is indeed the most affordable and best value for money.
  • When we make your website, we right from the start follow the latest SEO principles and techniques to lay the correct and scaleable foundation for your website’s optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • In our monthly retainer fee, which fee in essence takes all of the worries and work off your shoulders to maintain and service the website, we also include the most advanced SEO tactics and strategies to ensure that the SEO in relation to your website is dynamic and constantly improving.

Simply write to us, and we will contact you and take it from thereon further.


    How much must I pay for the SEO of my site?

    If you are a person who had bought a website package from us, you pay nothing extra for the daily SEO of your site.

    Even if you elect to not buy the service package fro the website, you can be assured that the website handed over to you by us had been optimized for SEO as up to the handover date.

    How much must I pay for the SEO of my website if you at itopsite did not build the website yourselves?

    • The costs will be agreed upon beforehand with you.
    • We  do not charge an hourly rate, since we know that there are few things that can harm the relationship of calm trust between client and service provider as much as an ever increasing hourly bill, and seemingly slow or invisible results at first during any type of project.


    Proper SEO furthers the interests in relation to your website rankings in all search engines and social media platform.

    SEO strategy is complex and need a holistic approach in relation to numerous factors, all of which factors can not possibly fall in the remit of your own competence. This is why you need specialists to do your SEO for you.

    The profitability for yourself that comes with proper SEO, is a given.

    The value of your company will continue to rise with proper SEO.

    Proper SEO helps you to announce your presence on the Interenet.

    SEO optimization is given on a continued daily basis to our clients.

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