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Your Own Website.

How to create my own website? 

Instant sites or quick site constructors vs real websites: what is best?

There are numerous so-called website “constructors” that seek to help you make your own website. These “website constructors” or instant websites that offer to you the ability to “create a website with only a few mouse clicks”, or that offer to you template based instant websites, should be avoided. These instant website mongers convince you with their attractive marketing promises, exploiting people’s fear of the unknown, and by exploiting people’s feeling of helplessness and unfamiliarity in relation to the topic of website design. People take these quick-fix issue solvers (since it sounds good to have your own website in a few minutes), and people too frequently choose these quick-fix products hoping to bypass the need to learn new skills that will enable to themselves have, at the very least, control over their own real website. It is a classic case of being “quick sure” and “dead wrong”. You can indeed create some web pages with these online website creating tools, but:

  • these instant sites are never under your full control;
  • these instant sites are not capable of being scaled or developed into websites that have the functionality of a properly constructed real website;
  • these instant sites are not capable of seamlessly being integrated into computer programs that are designed to enhance various aspects of your website, ranging from issues such as SEO improvement, Forum and Blog management, font and style changes, collection of user behaviour data etc;
  • these instant sites are not capable of being made fully how you would like it to look, and work.
  • In the medium to long run for these instant sites your expenses are much higher than if you had hired a real website developer to make your own independent website, host at a webhost that will give you access to change and modify the site as you would like.
  • these instant sites are not movable. Websites created by us are fully movable from webhost to webhost, or from computer to computer.
  • If the central managing website doesn’t work anymore, or if the site of the instant web provider closes its doors, of if you have a dispute or irreparable disagreement with the “instant site” provider, your site also disappears from the internet .

The Solution:

The best solution is to use a professional team of website creators to create your own, unique, scaleable, self-editable website that can be fully optimized for SEO purposes. This solution is also actually the cheapest in the medium to long run, if you use our services and pricing structures. We pride ourselves in the fact that we give to you affordable website design.





What makes a top Website?

When you create a website, you should understand that the best website is not simply a collection of web pages. The website structure, code, text content and layout, image layout and image loading speeds, and color schemes all add up in the end to determine of the site is good or not.

The top websites are also hosted on the best web hosts. A good webhost is fast, friendly and behaves like a real partner towards you and your website related needs.The modern day SEO requirements require that your site inter alia be rendered fast when it is visited. And the main factor that will slow down your site, is the server speed what you get from your webhost. We had tried hundreds of web hosts over the years, and we can therefore recommend to you the best all inclusive website package deals to ensure speedy working websites, good looking websites, and simply top websites.

Unique website ideas are hard to come by, but they are worth it right from the start. Even the search engines value unique website content, and unique web development.

The best website is not simply a collection of web pages. The top websites can never be created from free web templates.

We uniquely blend responsive web design features, graphic design skills, coding, design SEO, online website design and online website capability (meaning you do not have to have a copy of the site on your computer and upload your site amendments via FTP-programs).

Our work ethic is exceptional.

We are:

  • Fast;
  • Friendly;
  • Knowledgeable;
  • Approachable;
  • Courteous;
  • Not expensive.
  • Making you website in two languages of your choice, all for the price of one website.

We teach you to do text and image updates for the website yourself, thereby giving you real control over your website.

When we create a website for you, we teach you how to manage it and update it yourself after we handed the site over to you for usage. This is indeed the best long term way to create your own website, and be able to have control over it (but with our protective support never being too far away). As a result you will be able to proudly say out loud that you have a top site: I top site!

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