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What is the difference between “Google Adwords”, “Google Ads” PPC and CPM, especially when analyzed in the context of local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

  • “Google Adwords” is an internet marketing business system that is now called “Google Ads”. We will however still sometimes use the term “Adwords” here in this text since the term “Adwords” is still widely used in the industry;
  • Google Ads is the idea of Google, but it is not the only type of internet marketing business system used by advertisers on the internet to further their business’ interests in an auction type of bidding system, which bidding system allows them to pay for the display of their websites on the Google network. Other search engines and entities have similar internet marketing programs, such as Twitter, Facebook, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • To open a Google Ads campaign you should go to their website at https://ads.google.com/home. There you can sign up for free, but your ad campaign will only work if you had entered your debit or credit card details under the “settings” part of your dashboard;
  • This Google Ads system helps people to get advertisement for their product or service created and displayed throughout a whole range Google allied media and partners. These allied media forms include search engines, but also includes other websites that in essence rent out website space to Google so that Google can display its advertisements (which will include selected “Google Ads” bidders!) on the websites of these allies;
  • The Google Ads system should be linked (via your Google Ads account interface) to the “Google Analytics” tool. Register for your free account at https://analytics.google.com. You should also have “auto tagging” between these two systems enabled. This way these two systems can “communicate” with each other, and you can get the maximum benefit out of the internet marketing and internet user behaviour tracking mechanisms of Google;
  • “Google Analytics”enables you to measure and fully understand your advertising ROI (return on investment). Google Analytics tools also track your Flash, video, and social networking sites, and capture and analyze the customer behaviour related to these websites. In short, Google Analytics helps you to better understand your customers. Set goals for your business marketing. You need to have a key performance indicator. It may for example be important for you to develop your newsletter’s mailing list, to collect telephone numbers of clients, to see what pages they had visited, to see what links they had clicked, what the duration per page of these web page visits were, to get sales or to achieve any other type of market related goal. These goals can be set as goals in your Google Ads interface panel, and the attainment of these goals will be monitored by the Google Analytics part of this symbiotic interaction between Google Analytics and Google Ads (previously called “Google Adwords”);
  • Your aim is to get over 15 conversions in a 30 day period;
  • Bid Strategy: You will have to decide on a “bid strategy” (and enter it into your Google Ads dashboard), in other words how much you are willing to bid (meaning here to pay) for certain keywords (meaning how much you will pay Google for every click that Google says you got through to your website having used the bidded-on keyword to entice the internet user to click on the Google link to your website). You will be required to set up (using the designated advert creation prompt system in your Google Ads dashboard) the exact wording and look of you adverts, including the end destination web page links to where the user will be sent after he had clicked on your advertisement;
  • The wording of your adverts will depend on what key concepts or “keywords” you want to focus on in order to attract clients to visit your website. Google Ads have a tool to help you in determining relevant keywords;
  • On these keywords you will bid. But since you are not the only person who will be interested in using the keywords in your marketing campaign, the normal economical principles of demand and supply determine how much you will have to bid for the right to successfully use a keyword: the more competitive your niche is, the more difficult it will be to find keywords that are not expensive;
  • Budget: you will be required to state your average daily budget which you want to spend in using Google Ads, and Google will then average it out over the course of a month to stay within that selected budgeted for amount that you had chosen;
  • Auction type set-up: The essence of Google Ads is that you must compete with other advertisers to get your ads displayed on Google, much like at an auction. The highest bidder, or most valued bidder (where “most valued bidder” status is accorded by Google to those bidders who have the highest “Quality Scores” and overall high “Ad Rank”! ), will see his ads displayed on the top of the search results pages rendered by Google. Your Ad Rank is based on your quality score and bid amount; so if you have a high quality score, you can still succeed in “outbidding” your competitors and getting your ad on top of the page. Your quality score is based on how organized your marketing campaign and ads are, how relevant your landing page experience is, and your overall click-through rate;
  • Patience: you should have patience when you use Google Ads, since it is the norm to have to wait at least a few days before you will start to see visible results and reap the fruits of your Google Ads campaign!

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Trader, What is the difference between “Google Adwords”, “Google Ads” PPC and CPM, especially when analyzed in the context of local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

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