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What is the difference between SEM, SERP and SEO, especially in local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

  • SEM(search engine marketing) involves the internet marketing efforts aimed to increase the prominence of a website in the search engine result pages (SERP’s);
  • This added prominence of the website is attained in that the search engine places the marketed website link URL (and Meta description of this website) much more frequently at the physical top of the results page in response to related topic search queries that had been made by internet users;
  • This increase in popularity or prominence of the website is not based on good SEO (search engine optimization), but since you had paid for this extra prominence on the search engine result pages (SERP’s);
  • SEM involvesmarketing methods that can get your website more search engine visitors; marketing methods and schemes like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC refers to the internet business marketing system whereby you as advertiser will pay to the search engine a prior agreed upon fee for every click on internet links leading to your website (links that such users had found in the particular search engine with whom you had concluded this PPC contract with);
  • SEO however entails the information technology “science” or “art” of building the website structure and website page content in such a way that search engines will favor it without having to be paid to favor the website;
  • SEO is a medium to long terms strategy;
  • Traffic that the search engines will send to you as a reward for good SEO, is called organic traffic;
  • The more favorable you had complied with all the principles relating the SEO, the higher the chances are that your website will be at the top of the SERP’s;
  • However, since search engines reserve the first few places of the SERP’s in any event for a pick of their paid favorites (in other words the SEM users who had sponsored or bought the temporary loyalty of the search engine in order to display this sponsor’s website links as prominent links on the SERP’s) , your website will almost never be really at the very top of the web search result pages or SERP’s (except in uncompetitive niche areas where there are not sponsors who deem it to be worth their money and effort to pay for top prominence on the SERP’s);
  • Normal “paid internet advertising”, as opposed to SEM, allows you to before hand agree with the search engine exactly where your advertisement text or image will appear. Frequently your “normal” or ordinary advertisement will appear on the website pages irrespective of the relevance of the internet user’s searches or profile. However you can conclude an agreement with the search engine that your paid for advertisement must be show to only certain types of users with certain specified demographics!). SEM is a more flexible process, and you do not exactly agree with the search engine on where or when your “advert” (read here “link” to your website) will appear.

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Trader, What is the difference between SEM, SERP and SEO, especially in local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

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