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What is the difference between SEO, CTR and PPC, especially when analyzed in the context of local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the free way to get internet visitors (called organic traffic) referred to your website by search engines, since the search engines will rank your website higher in the search results if you comply with all the SEO principles and requirements;
  • However, in order to get this free organic traffic as a result of good SEO, takes time and a lot of work;
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid internet marketing system or campaign, using a search engine to send traffic to your site, even though your SEO ranking is poor;
  • You need to register a PPC campaign with whatever search engine you want to use, and your campaign can be approved as fast as within less than an hour by most search engines;
  • If your PPC campaign is running in the search engine, you will also quickly see results (as opposed to when you rely on good and pure SEO to get organic traffic to your website);
  • The factors which influence the performance of SEO are, in essence, the website structure (including here how well the code is written, can the search engine robots crawl the site freely, how easily navigable the website is, and other technical norms etc), the amount of links to your website and from your website to other reputable websites, and having good and unique text content on your website. All of the three aforementioned equal to a pleasant and useful user experience, and if this user experience is good, people will visit the site not just once, but stay longer n the website;
  • The factors which influence the performance of PPC are, in essence, firstly the Click Through Rate or CTR (the search engine notices if users actually click on the ads and if they really go to your website in particular, and if users do so, your paid ads will show up more prominently and more frequently on the prime page space areas of the search engine’s search result pages). The “landing page” is however important, and the layout must be user friendly, and match the content of your advertisement. Also very important is how much you pay the search engine; if you do not pay enough, you will not show up in the prime spots on the search engine result pages;
  • SEO results are frequently unpredictable, whereas the results for PPC are very predictable;
  • With PPC you can clearly see where you are doing well, and where you must change whatever you do. This is not so easy for SEO, since SEO changes take much longer to implement, and the norms applied by the search engines in relation to SEO change from time to time, or these norms are not always clear;
  • SEO results are cumulative and long term. PPC results are short lived, and you will not reap long term results (apart from having increased brand awareness in the minds of the people who had seen your profile and products for the time being when they were the “preferred” products in the search engine result pages). You will also of course, over time (due to the PPC campaigns), have built up a valuable customer list that you can use to re-target and re-market your business to; so there is indeed a real cumulative benefit also in relation to PPC;
  • It is hard to split test or troubleshoot SEO. “Split test” means here to test which format of the work in question delivers the best aimed for results. With PPC these metrics are obtained much faster, much clearer and much more reliably. In any good PPC campaign , split testing is inherent and basically an automatic “spin off” from the fact that you must create multiple ads for every ad campaign. So, in PPC you will soon see which ads attract the desired results, and which ads do not.

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Trader, What is the difference between SEO, CTR and PPC, especially when analyzed in the context of local Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus?

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